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An emerging healthcare company with a vision to lead the healthcare market and build trust in the world of pharmaceuticals. The company was incorporated with the goal of supporting various verticals in the medical field to build reputable brand across South East Asia.

Our Vision

To be a trusted health care organization of repute, admired by its stakeholders for being customer centric.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to the overall health and well-being by delivering world class products

Our Values

R-Biomeds is driven by its core values quality, customer centric focus and respect for individuals.

Our Culture

At R-Biomeds, culture is about empowerment, promoting collaborative atmosphere with shared goals.

Execution Excellence

With the right capability and attitude our team is aligned to shared goals and core values with accountability

Employee Value Proposition

At R-Biomeds we would like the employees to feel valued for their contribution and witness a career path important aspect

Our Services

" R-Biomeds provides access to high-quality & affordable Healthcare products and services to its customers with an objective to bridge the therapy gaps. Since its incorporation, the company has witnessed a steady growth in the pharmaceutical industry of South East Asia "
Mr. Rajeev Rawal
Managing Director
Our Policies

R-Biomeds is an emerging pharmaceutical company with a vision to be a trusted health care organization, admired by its stakeholders for being customer centric, driven by our core values, guided by the principals of sustainability and corporate governance.

The company considers sustainability as very important foundation of its business performance and is committed to the cause of promoting sustainability. Strengthening sustainability while developing business, is at the core of leadership focus. The company aims to follow and to promote good sustainability practices and to reduce adverse environmental impact of its activities by following well thought-out guidelines.

R-Biomeds recognizes environmental protection as one of our guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance. We operate in compliance with all relevant legislations on environment and we will strive to adopt the best environmental practices in the area of our business operations. To fulfill this commitment, we abide by a set of carefully crafted principles and guidelines.

The objective of our CSR policy is to ensure an enhanced level of commitment at all levels in the organization, to operate its business in an economically, socially & environmentally sustainable manner, while recognizing the interests of its stakeholders. This policy guides the company to support those at the lower end of the pyramid through various activities such as patient support programmes, support homeless children, etc.